Dr Eleanor Andressen is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Dr Eleanor Andressen 2021 International e-Assessment Conference and Awards

Dr Eleanor Andressen, Senior Researcher and Efficacy Lead, Pearson is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference at the America Square Conference Centre, London 22nd – 23rd April 2020.

This presentation will discuss the considerations and preparations for moving high stakes assessment in England to digital platforms. It will explore the impact of a potential shift in assessment paradigms made possible by the use of on screen delivery of assessments on the experience of the learner and wider society. It will touch on the suitability of adaptive testing for different subjects, and whether the constructs this tests in the US, for example, would be accepted in the English high stakes context. It will pose the question of the extent to which it is desirable for a suite of qualifications to fit the same assessment paradigm. A move away from this may open up opportunities for different approaches to subjects such as Maths and Geography, whilst keeping a more ‘paper behind glass’ approach to English, for example, keeping a similar format and structure to the current paper-based one.