Peter Collison and Steve Dew are presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Peter Collison Speaker at The e-Assessment Question Conference

Peter Collison , Account Director, RM Results and Steve Dew, Headteacher, Church Cowley St James Primary School, Oxford are presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference.

About the presentation: Improving attainment and reducing marking workload with adaptive comparative judgement

Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) is an alternative to traditional marking which can improve professional agreement, reduce inconsistency in marking criteria interpretation, avoid teacher bias and vastly improve reliability in assessing writing and other open-ended task types.

In this presentation, headteacher Steve Dew will explain how ACJ is being used to moderate and benchmark writing across a group of previously un-linked primary schools in Oxford. The results of this pilot pioneered by Steve include improved professional consensus and judgement, greater confidence in the reliability of the marking and moderation process, and the potential for schools to reduce teacher workload.

Peter’s career in education and IT has spanned 17 years. He joined RM Education in 2003, helping primary and secondary schools to develop core educational technology provisions such as network services and curriculum content delivery. He has worked on various local authority and Government educational projects, including the National Grid for Learning and Building Schools for the Future, as well as supporting numerous local authority school IT teams.

About Peter Collison

Peter Collison Speaker at The e-Assessment Question Conference 

In 2014, Peter moved to RM Results, where he has worked with a number of large assessment and awarding organisations as well as the Department for Education, Ofsted, HMRC and the Health and Safety Executive. He is now responsible for leading the strategy and sales for both the higher education sector and formative assessment.

Much of Peter’s work centres on helping schools and universities to improve their student experience and overall outcomes, through a blend of technology and sound educational pedagogy.


About Steve Dew

Steve Dew Speaker at The e-Assessment Question ConferenceSteve has worked as a teacher in classes from Nursery – Secondary education, with the past 13 years spent in Primary education. Steve has held the role of Headteacher at Church Cowley St James School since 2012.

 Steve has pioneered the use of adaptive comparative judgement (ACJ) to moderate writing across a group of schools in Oxford, exploring not only how subjectivity and bias in assessment can be addressed, but also how ACJ can expose teachers to a greater breadth of work, thereby giving them a clearer view of what ‘good’ looks like and aiding their Continual Professional Development.