Tanya MacDonald is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Tanya MacDonald is speaking at the e-Assessment Question Conference

About the presentation – Virtual Reality: The new normal in e-Assessment for vocational assessment

 Traditional assessments, either in paper format or eAssessments, do not give an accurate reflection of an individual’s competency in performing certain tasks. This is particularly true for vocational assessments, where getting an accurate representation of someone’s in-the-field knowledge is essential. So how can virtual reality (VR) help? VR experience will enable candidates to learn, as well as take their assessment, in a way that is intuitive for them. Traditionally the cost of doing so has meant that this approach has only been available to those with deep pockets. However, the game has now changed. Tools such as eNetReality are enabling non-technical staff in organisations, to create fully immersive virtual reality experiences by themselves without the need for specialist coding skills. These can then be easily rolled out across the company so they benefit from being able to create assessments that are: • relevant to work situations • consistent • transparent • interoperable Offering a fully immersive, anywhere, anytime learning and assessment experience will be a strong support to workplace learning and assessment, enabling assessors to see things from the learner’s perspective, with the ability to track the results (individually or as a group) using a choice of standard. In this presentation, we’ll looking at some real-world examples of how eNetReality is transforming the assessment landscape and creating the new normal in e-Assessment.

About the presenter: Tanya MacDonald, Head of Commercialisation, eCom


Tanya MacDonald, Head of Commercialisation, eCom


Tanya MacDonald is speaking at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Tanya MacDonald is the Head of Commercialisation at eCom Scotland. She works closely with partners to manage and execute the ‘Assessing Reality’ Ufi project funded which has supported the development of eCom’s eNetReality application. Originally from Arizona, USA, with bachelor degrees in Business, Special Event Management, and Communication from Arizona State University, Tanya strategically moved to Scotland to gain her Master of Business Administration degree from The University of Edinburgh. Previously holding positions as a manager, project manager, stock broker, and the most recent as a corporate trainer, Tanya set a goal to help improve workplace learning and assessment. It was through these positions that Tanya identified and carried out her passion for helping people learn and grow and fully understand to what extent the impact learning has within an organisation. From engagement to performance, to many other facets, learning within an organisation has the potential to unlock great benefits. Through eCom’s eNetReality project Tanya has been able to focus this passion for learning through the creation of a user friendly VR experience authoring tool. This project has uncovered the potential for more hands on learning where traditional learning and assessments haven’t met the mark. By working with virtual reality, learning is shared, applied and assessed in realistic environments but accessible anywhere. By lifting some of the restrictions traditional learning and assessments have, this project enables organisations to manipulate what is being taught, how it’s being shared, and how the learning is being assessed to make lasting and enjoyable learning experiences.