Brian Moon is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Brian Moon is presenting at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

About the presentation: Formative knowledge assessment using concept mapping

In 2017, Sero! Learning Assessments received a Highly Recommended commendation from the e-Assessment Association for innovation in applying concept mapping to learning and knowledge assessment. Since then, we have embarked on new development pathways, including developing capabilities enabling formative assessment. Sero! can now provide a type of formative concept mapping where the learning is scaffolded with a set of concepts and reusable relations to compose into a concept map (Cmap) given a prompt or target domain. This toolbox of analysis and representation techniques provides never before seen access to individual and group thinking and learning. The techniques are being evaluated in a range of learning contexts in the US and beyond. This presentation will share our development activities and the results of pilot testing.

Brian Moon is presenting at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

About the presenter: Brian Moon, Chief Technology Officer at Perigean Technologies

Brian Moon is founder and President of Sero! Learning Assessments, Inc., and founder and Chief Technology Officer for Perigean Technologies LLC.

He is widely recognized for his innovative applications of Concept Mapping, which are highlighted in the edited volume, Applied Concept Mapping: Capturing, Analyzing, and Organizing Knowledge. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies and many US Federal Agencies. He is also the co-host of the Beyond Multiple Choice Conference and Exhibition.