The latest eAssessment Association Podcast is out with Geoff Chapman

eAssessment Association Podcast

In our latest #eAssess20 podcast Tim Burnett interviews assessment consultant Geoff Chapman about his upcoming presentation at the e-Assessment Question Conference and how English language testing is shaping the e-Assessment sector.

During his presentation, Geoff Chapman will demonstrate the growing importance of the English language testing (ELT) e-assessment sector. Controversial, steeped in history, and with renowned brand names,

ELT is a bellwether of global e-assessment practice. We’ll examine one of the biggest and high-profile stories of the last 12 months: the UK government investigation into ELT malpractice (the‘bust’). The presentation will consider the impact on the major stakeholders, including the exam owner, solution provider, and candidates, discuss why the incident(s) occurred, and what lessons need to be learned.The second part of the presentation will look at the growth drivers of global ELT (the ‘boom’), where innovative and novel e-assessment solutions are being used, and why it has captured the interest of so many exam owners and solution providers.Additionally, compelling insights will be shared on ELT’s emerging uses in the aviation, military, contact centre, and legal fields.


Guest: Geoff Chapman, |

Host: Tim Burnett, |


e-Assessment Question Conference, 22nd & 23rd, London, UK

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