David Phillips is a keynote speaker in Week 2 of the e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference

David Phillips, Managing Director, City & Guilds and ILM is a Keynote speaker in Week 2 of the e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference, Assessment and Practical Implementation.

In week two our speakers in these themed webinars have been involved in significant and large-scale implementations in assessment.  The sessions will include examples of how international awarding organisations leverage the use of online assessment to provide relevant and valid testing on a global scale. Presenters will examine how this impacts on regulation and strategy for a nation, approaches in HE and dealing with the ever-present realities of malpractice.  Examples of secure delivery of assessments in challenging circumstances will be discussed and will demonstrate that technology is often not the issue in making change

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About the presentation: The e-Assessment journey and where the Covid-19 experience might take us all next

A brief reflection on the journey e-Assessment has been on over the years and where it might go next given the impact Covid-19 is having. What are we learning about our ways of working and what do we need to change? What are the opportunities for e-Assessment coming out of the current world we live in and how do we make sure more people benefit from e-Assessment? What will help future proof assessment in the coming years? David will provide some thoughts to stimulate a discussion on the exciting future for e-Assessment.


About the presenter: David Phillips, Managing Director, City & Guilds and ILM

David Phillips is a Managing Director at City & Guilds Group, responsible for leading the City & Guilds and ILM brands. He also leads the Group’s growing End Point Assessment (EPA) business.

David has spent the majority of his career in education, working in companies that serve and partner with schools, colleges and training providers. He is passionate about working in the education and training sector and gets a real kick out of helping others develop and grow.

Prior to City & Guilds, David worked at Emap Business Communications Ltd (a large publishing and exhibition company) and RM plc (a major provider of ICT software, infrastructure and services to the UK education and training sector) before spending 10 years working at Pearson.