Dr Maren Deepwell is a Keynote speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Dr Maren Deepwell Keynote Speaker at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

Dr Maren Deepwell is a keynote speaker at the e-Assessment Virtual Conference starting on Tuesday 23rd June at 11am.

Week one focuses on Future Gazing and Innovation and the opening webinar starts with Dr Maren Deepwell, CEO of the Association for Learning Technology who kicks of this week and Virtual Conference with a keynote reflecting on the past 25 years of learning technology and how the current COVID-19 crisis may affect our views.  The ‘looking ahead’ theme is developed further looking at how the e-assessment community can support the new skills strategy and the lessons to be learned from national implementation of digital assessment elsewhere.  A focus on 21st century skills and how they are being approached will be covered as well as some innovative developments in assessment of mathematics, English and the use of machine learning and ‘big data’.

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About Dr Maren Deepwell’s Presentation:  Learning from 25 years of TEL history to prepare for an uncertain future

In a time of rapid change, assessment remains at the heart of Learning Technology and challenges our relationship to technology in education. Drawing on findings from ALT’s Annual Survey Dr Maren Deepwell will share practical insights into how we can build on existing expertise to tackle new challenges in online education at scale. Specifically, this talk will focus on:

  • building staff capacity to use technology for learning, teaching and assessment effectively online and at scale;
  • making use of best practice frameworks and open education practices;
  • how to tackle equity and inclusion in online education.

About Dr Maren Deepwell

Dr Maren Deepwell, Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), Learning Technologist and Anthropologist is an Open Practitioner with a special interest in leadership, equality and open education, Maren will be will be sharing her reflections on 25 years of Learning Technologies Innovation in Education in her keynote speech.

You can find out more about Dr Maren Deepwell on her website, www.marendeepwell.com  or on LinkedIn here.