Remote Assessments: A location-independent boon – guest article by TCS iON

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Year 2000: The first test of the e-marking system performed at the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.

The ensuing years witnessed path-breaking technological innovations, including adaptation of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the education sector.

Fast forward to 2020: Entire world is facing unprecedented times and educational institutions have taken a massive hit. In an attempt to create sustainable growth and learning environment for students, TCS iON, through its digital offerings is significantly contributing towards making education providers as well as students resilient to face the future.

TCS iON is a strategic unit of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS). The brand, TCS, is synonymous with trust and integrity which justifies it as one of the world’s largest IT services provider. These values have extended to its strategic unit of TCS iON that provides transformational IT solutions to educational institutions, examination boards, government departments, and organisations from diverse sectors.

Introduced by TCS iON, Remote Assessments is one such offering that empowers educational institutes to continue the conduct assessments regardless of any crisis or unprecedented changes. Over the last decade, millions of students have been successfully assessed through TCS iON Digital Assessments.

Assessments in Higher Education

Higher education is seen as a gateway for a student’s future and career prospects, thus it is imperative that assessments in higher education should not be hampered in any way. TCS iON Remote Assessments enables continual learning by aligning the assessment needs with transformative IT solutions, ensuring strict adherence to security and data privacy.

With this solution institutions can realise: 

  • Secure, anytime, anywhere exams
  • Remote creation and distribution of question papers
  • Real-time remote monitoring of students

Technology-driven assessment

TCS iON Remote Assessments has three models that enable machine-based or online human-based monitoring.

  • Auto Proctoring – enabled through assessment launcher which force closes other applications on the candidate’s device and shares candidate’s feed which are auto tracked using Artificial Intelligence to evade malpractices.
  • Online human proctoring – where candidate’s feeds, including image, voice, video with advanced face-recognition are sent on near real-time mode to a set of remote invigilators for monitoring.
  • Dual proctoring – where candidate machine is locked down, and the candidate’s feed is auto tracked. This model also allows remote human proctoring. Intelligent alerts are configured to spot suspicious activities like low match (<80%), complete absence or more than one person taking the test.

TCS iON Remote Assessments ensures a secured and confidential test through:

  • Secure 256-bit encryption of question paper
  • Timely creation of question papers to avoid leakage
  • Auto-routing of subjective answers to respective markers

With the efforts of technological innovators and non-profit organisations like the e-Assessment Association, more and more educational institutes have realised the benefits of digital assessment for every stakeholder of the eco-system. Digitisation is the key to a seamless academic system and TCS iON Remote Assessments assists several educational institutions and examination boards with a smooth transition from conventional paper-based exams to a machine-first approach.

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TCS iON sponsor Week Three of the e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference: Technology, HE and Regulation

Tata Consulting Services Company Logo

TCS iON is delighted to sponsor the e-Assessment Question Conference and we appreciate their effort of bringing the e-assessment sector together, on a single platform. TCS iON is a product brand of TCS which has expertise in Learning, Assessment and Marking. Sustainable innovations and learning is our core and we are proud to have done transformational work in the field of e-assessments. We look forward to being a part of this insightful networking platform.

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TCS iON is a product brand of TCS which has expertise in Learning, Assessment and Marking. With 200 Million candidates assessed, we are trusted by top institutions to improve learning outcomes. We simplify adoption of technology through quick set up and configurations, enabling cost efficiencies. We are working with Top Awarding Bodies and Learning organisations in UK and across the world.

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