From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe: Taking Computer Based Testing to the wider world. A guest article by the British Council

e-Assessment Award Sponsor 2021

The British Council is a highly trusted partner, providing access to the world’s most reputable qualifications for more than 85 years. Underpinned by principles of integrity, security and fairness, we are one of the leading players in the delivery of 4.5 million high-stakes examinations per annum in over 120 countries worldwide.
We operate in some of the most challenging environments for the delivery of CBT in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, delivering upwards of 150,000 high-stakes CBT exams in a 5-day period, multiple times a year.

Local information is at the core of what we do, with ‘boots on the ground’ in over 100 countries. The unique nature of the British Council, as an arms-length Government body, enables us to get real-time knowledge and form close relationships with local and national governments and their agencies.
At the heart of our planning and delivery process is how we assess and manage the risks surrounding delivery in these challenging locations and what this means for the technology and operational decisions we work with our clients to make.

How do you continue to deliver exams without interruption with an unreliable supply of power and/or internet when 1,000+ candidates are waiting for an exam, with a result that could be life-changing outcome? Do you have a Business Continuity Plan to deal with a war literally on your doorstep, but still allow candidates and staff to test safely? These are everyday challenges for some of our teams around the world and our experience means we overcome them.

Do you have CBT testing platform ‘partners’ that can offer multiple variations of Computer-Based delivery? We are proudly platform agnostic, which enables us to analyse, plan and deploy some of the most advanced and flexible e-assessment solutions in the market ensuring smooth delivery of tests in virtually any location worldwide.

And of course, since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic we are adopting the latest innovations through the increased use of Remote Proctoring in securing exam delivery. Coupled with our unrivalled global test centre coverage, the British Council is ensuring our clients and their candidates have every opportunity to continue their education journey.

On 30th June 2020, Paul Muir (Head of Computer Based Testing) for the British Council, will deliver a session at the E-Assessment Question virtual conference that will address all these issues.

Join him as he brings together a wealth of the British Council’s experience on how to secure your Computer Based Tests and deliver a highly reliable exam day experience for your candidates under some of the most challenging conditions for the delivery of CBT.

Paul Muir, Head of CBT, The British Council

[email protected]


About The British Council

The British Council is proud to be a sponsor of Week 2 of the e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference. As a gold member of the eAA we actively support the e-assessment sector in the UK. By contributing our wealth of experience of securely delivering clients’, and our own, high stakes computer based exams in exam centres and through remote proctoring, we can help UK Awarding Organisations take their assessments worldwide.

Our participation also allows us to connect with and learn from members and delegates, and ensures we continue to fulfil our remit to encourage cultural, scientific, technological and educational cooperation between the UK and the rest of the world.

The British Council delivers computer-based testing (CBT) in almost 500 locations in over 120 countries. Our extensive experience and expansive global network mean we are in a unique position to advise existing and potential clients on how to successfully transition from pen and paper to computer-based testing, or to expand the global reach of your existing CBT assessments into new international markets.

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