The e-Assessment Question Virtual Conference Week Three: Technology, HE and Regulation

The e-Assessment Association has brought together speakers of international reputation who are leading research and development into areas of assessment that many may not even know exist. Exploring new approaches to assessing students’ conceptual understanding will be considered, together with insightful case studies in the HE sector. The contributors are prominent thought-leaders in their sectors – not only from a research viewpoint, but also from practical implementation at scale. This week ends with a look at the implications of data protection legislation on the way in which testing can be conducted and is a great opportunity to join in a discussion with representatives from the four UK regulators.

Tuesday 7th July 11am (BST): Technology in Testing followed by a Q&A

Keynote Speaker: Pete Atherton, Author of 50 Ways to Use Technology Enhanced Learning in the Classroom

Pete Atherton Keynote Speaker at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

Pete Atherton is passionate about moving the debate on edtech and assessment and his Keynote presentation How I became an edtech double agent will look at how you empower trainee teachers to become a better teacher and support students using edtech.

Brian Moon, Chief Technology Officer, Perigean Technologies

Brian Moon is presenting at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

Brian Moon is presenting on Formative knowledge assessment using concept mapping.

In 2017, Sero! Learning Assessments received a Highly Recommended commendation from the e-Assessment Association for innovation in applying concept mapping to learning and knowledge assessment. Sero! can now provide a type of formative concept mapping where the learning is scaffolded with a set of concepts and reusable relations to compose into a concept map (Cmap) given a prompt or target domain. This toolbox of analysis and representation techniques provides never before seen access to individual and group thinking and learning. The techniques are being evaluated in a range of learning contexts in the US and beyond. This presentation will share the development activities and the results of pilot testing.

Angela Verschoor, Senior Researcher, CITO

Angela Verschoor is presenting at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Angela Verschoor is presenting Machine scoring of open-ended items: The holy grail of e-assessment.

Machine scoring is one of the key advantages of e-assessment. Yet, machine scoring is mainly limited to closed-response items, including hotspot items, drag-and-drop items, and many other beautiful but laborious-to-develop item types. The easiest-to-develop items, such as those for which the answer is a single word or a single sentence, while mistakes in spelling and grammar are not to be taken into account, are usually left to paper. Already 30 years ago, there were optimistic research papers announcing that within a few years, machine scoring would be widely used. Since then it has been rather quiet, despite new techniques like Machine Learning. In this presentation Angela will take a closer look at the complexity of the problem, and propose two methods for machine scoring.

Tuesday 8th July 2pm (BST): Assessment in Higher Education followed by a Q&A

Lucy Turner, Assistant Programme Manager, Education, Nesta

Lucy Turner is speaking at the e-Assessment Question Conference

Can technology help reduce teacher workload? Lessons from Nesta’s EdTech Innovation Fund.

This presentation will include:

  • An overview of Nesta’s work with technology organisations working to tackle teacher workload, in particular those focused on formative assessment and marking.
  • Examples of innovative practice to help remove some of the workload burden from assessment
  • What does the future hold for technology and assessment? The opportunities and risks of AI in education.
  • Where are the gaps? Where more innovation is needed.

Dr Fiona Meddings, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, Bradford University

Dr Fiona Meddings Speaker at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

Dr Fiona Meddings will be presenting on the integration of Pebblepad© into a problem based learning curriculum for preparation of students in becoming registered midwives.

Fiona’s research interests have focused around student learning including the use of e-portfolios. She was pivotal in the development, integration and utilisation of a suite of marking and grading rubrics for the Faculty of Health Studies which continues to facilitate an equal structure and commonality in student assessment. Her PhD topic remains with this theme but from the perspective of the lecturer, charged with using such tools to undertake effective evaluation, identifying student success and progress in an assessment task.

Professor Emma Mayhew, Academic Director, Electronic Management of Assessment Programme at Reading University

Professor Emma Mayhew Speaker at The e-Assessment Question April 2020 in London

Thinking of a number: The impact of a new assessment analytics dashboard on the student assessment experience.
An overview of the University’s new Student Progress Dashboard and the impact on the student assessment experience. Emma’s research focuses on the use of technology enhanced learning to facilitate student engagement, learning, attainment and satisfaction. She focuses, in particular, on developments surrounding multi-media learning, screen capture, video feedback, online assessment, the use of assessment dashboards and learning analytics.

Wednesday 9th July 11am (BST): Privacy and Regulation. Including Panel Discussion: Regulation vs Innovation

John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director, Questionmark

John Kleeman speaker at the e-Assessment Question Conference

John Kleeman will be presenting Which is more important – assessment security or test-taker privacy?

  • This will be followed by a panel discussion: Regulation vs Innovation chaired by Graeme Clark, Head of Digital Assessment Services, SQA
  • Roger Trigg, Education Manager, CCEA Regulation, Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
  • Andy Lester, Senior Manager Strategic Policy, Ofqual
  • Gareth Downey, Senior Manager Vocational Qualifications, Qualifications Wales
  • Laura Walkerdine, Senior Regulation Manager, SQA

Week Three sponsors: TCS iON

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TCS iON is delighted to sponsor the e-Assessment Question Conference and we appreciate their effort of bringing the e-assessment sector together, on a single platform. TCS iON is a product brand of TCS which has expertise in Learning, Assessment and Marking. Sustainable innovations and learning is our core and we are proud to have done transformational work in the field of e-assessments. We look forward to being a part of this insightful networking platform.

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TCS iON is a product brand of TCS which has expertise in Learning, Assessment and Marking. With 200 Million candidates assessed, we are trusted by top institutions to improve learning outcomes. We simplify adoption of technology through quick set up and configurations, enabling cost efficiencies. We are working with Top Awarding Bodies and Learning organisations in UK and across the world.

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