Less than a week to go to the start of the 2021 International e-Assessment Conference & Awards

2021 e-Assessment Conference and Awards

The 2021 International e-Assessment Conference & Awards starts on Tuesday 8th June

There is less than one week to go to the start of the 2021 International e-Assessment Conference, an inspiring programme of four events bringing together keynote presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, 2021 Awards presentations and networking opportunities.

The event will be held online over four Tuesdays in June and is free to attend.

Reflecting the truly international nature of the e-Assessment Association and Awards programme, each session will bring together industry experts to consider four key topics in the area of e-Assessment:

The Future is Now. 8th June 3pm – 5pm BST

Our first event, ‘The Future is Now’ starts with a keynote by Dr Mary Richardson, Associate Professor of Educational Assessment, UCL Institute of Education and includes the announcement of the 2021 Award winners of the Best Formative and Best Summative Assessment Projects. This event reflects that e-Assessment, the use of technology to enhance and transform assessment, is very much here and now. It is no longer the preserve of the early-adopters, but increasingly mainstream and international.

Celebrating the Champions of Change. 15th June 3pm – 5pm BST

Our second event, ‘Celebrating the Champions of Change’ starts with a keynote by Rory McCorkle PhD, Senior Vice President of Business Development & Client Success at PSI. Those truly transforming and innovating in this space are our ‘Champions of Change’ and we look to them for inspiration and the confidence to follow boldly in their footsteps. At this event we will be announcing the winners of the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment and the Best Transformational Project.

New Frontiers of Assessment. 22nd June 3pm – 5pm BST

Our third event ‘New Frontiers of Assessment’ reflects that the Awards project as a whole reaches every continent this year and, for the first time, our Awards programme recognises the use of assessment within a corporate or skills environment. Eric Shepherd, former winner of the e-Assessment Association’s Lifetime Contribution Award, is our keynote speaker for this event and we will be announcing the winners of the Best International Implementation and Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project.

Building Assessment for the Future. 29th June 3pm – 5pm BST

At our fourth and final event, ‘Building Assessment for the Future’ our keynote, Charles Fadel, is a global education thought leader. This session also includes the announcement of the Best Research Award and presentation of the prestigious Lifetime Contribution Award.

Tim Burnett, Chair of the e-Assessment Association said, “This year’s Conference comes at a time when e-Assessment is in the spotlight for the role it has played in enabling assessment to continue during a global pandemic. Combined with the announcement of the 2021 International e-Assessment Award winners, we celebrate those who are making a positive contribution and driving change in the industry.”

Commenting on the awards, Janet Garcia, President at PSI, headline sponsor, said, “While the last 12 months have been challenging, at the same time it has been a seminal period for the e-Assessment industry as a whole. Measures implemented as a result of COVID-19 have driven major change in the industry, as organisations sought ways to continue to assess their test takers securely, safely and accurately. The industry has had to advance in terms of technology and delivery methodology far quicker than would otherwise have been the case, and although this has created challenges, we should all celebrate the ability of our industry to adapt so well to these wholly unforeseen circumstances.”

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