Why you should attend this year’s International e-Assessment Conference

Graham Hudson, panellist at the 2021 -Assessment Conference and Awards

Graham Hudson, e-Assessment Secretary and Board member explains why you should attend this year’s International e-Assessment Conference.

This year we see a welcome return of the e-Assessment Conference and Awards in London.  Here is a great opportunity to reconnect with experts in the e-Assessment industry and to hear some leading-edge talks.  If you are wondering if you should attend, then here’s a few points to bear in mind.

The past two years has seen probably the greatest advance not only in uptake of organisations switching to use some form of online assessments, but a recognition at a national level that both learning and assessment can be enhanced by embracing digital technology.  The opportunities for learning focused on the individual, providing tailored support and adaptive assessments have never been greater.  We have seen tens of thousands of pupils taking tests online in Egypt.  Pupils in Wales continuing to benefit from online adaptive assessments all throughout the pandemic.  Critical professional and regulatory qualifications becoming accessible not only globally but also with enhance accessibility for those with special requirements.  Artificial Intelligence supporting the classroom teacher by giving access to millions of data points that enable better outcomes to be achieved for each of their students.  It has truly been a ‘sea change’ in outlook and implementation.

You will meet the people who have made this happen at the conference.  They will be in the room – if not physically, then digitally!  They will bring their experience, knowledge and systems for you to see and touch.  They are systems developers, educationalist, assessment practitioners, consultants who work across many sectors, policy-makers and influencers.  There is no better place than this conference to meet the experts.  Surprisingly, they are remarkably normal people – maybe distinguished by one common characteristic.  The are all passionate about what they do.  Be enthused.  Come and join us!

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