Complete the eAA Remote Proctoring Survey

Remote Proctoring Survey

In advance of the International e-Assessment Conference, the e-Assessment Association want to understand your experience of managing, implementing and procuring remote proctoring / invigilation..

Tim Burnett, Chair of the e-Assessment Association has recorded a podcast in conversation with assessment consultant and eAA Board member Patrick Coates about his survey on remote proctoring and invigilation.

With increased interest in remote proctoring over the last two years, this survey is an opportunity to understand more about how remote proctoring is being used and how organisations plan to use remote proctoring in the future.

Listen to the podcast here

Complete the survey here.

Results will be presented at the International e-Assessment Conference in London on 21st and 22nd June.

While the results of the survey are completely confidential you will have the option to enter a prize draw to win a one-day ticket to this year’s conference.