2023 International e-Assessment Conference Themes

We are inviting submissions for the main presentation room or hands-on workshops in the interactive suite.

The International e-Assessment Conference & Awards is the world’s foremost digital assessment event. Taking place on 6th and 7th June 2023, the conference brings together industry experts and thought leaders with inspiring case studies, thought provoking panels and debates and the opportunity to meet the people behind the most innovative and ground-breaking international assessment projects.

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Theme: The Future of Secure Digital Assessment: Best Practices and Emerging Trends

Where: Presentation Zone

Two main selling points for an organization moving to digital technology are the ability to control the length of the assessment and gather data forensics. But as the use of digital technology in education advances, there is increased concern about the security of assessment. are Despite all the innovation, each year we see new threats to the security of exams. From organised question harvesting to the temptation of the individual, will we ever beat cheating? This session will explore the next steps we’ll take in the fight against test fraud. We’ll explore the trends, the drivers and the countermeasures. Lead the discussion on security in assessment.


Theme: Digging into Digital Assessment: Exploring Research and Findings

Where: Presentation Zone

It’s essential to conduct high-quality research if we wish to understand the potential of digital assessment. In this session, we look forward to hearing from you about the latest findings regarding the adoption and impact of technology-enabled assessment. We want to hear your own research experiences, as well as any challenges you may face when attempting to gather reliable data on international on-screen activity and value. Share your research findings or plans with the digital assessment community.


Theme: Fairness in Assessment: Strategies and Best Practices

Where: Presentation Zone

The success of any digital assessment strategy relies on ensuring that all candidates have the opportunity to succeed. It’s important to ensure that every candidate is competing on a level playing field. As we expand our focus on this topic from 2022, we look forward to hearing your examples showing how you have attempted to deliver fair tests and give everyone the opportunity to debate the subject in a safe and constructive environment. Nobody will get it 100% right, but by leading the conversation, we can certainly get better and better with every step. Help us shape a better and fairer future for assessment.


Theme: Unlocking Inclusive Assessment, A Hands-On Technology Experience

Where: Interactive Zone

15% of the global population have some type of disability. UNESCO still reports that ‘many of the most marginalized groups remain invisible in education data’. This session is aimed at helping delegates gain a practical perspective on assessment challenges and how these can be overcome with innovative and well-designed assessment design and technology implementation. Help involve the current and next generation of assessment technology experts on the challenges and potential of inclusivity in assessment.


Theme: Digital Assessment 101, Interactive First Steps to Mastery

Where: Interactive Zone

From those new to the industry to those who have been using it for some time, there’s still much to learn about the potential for digital assessment. In this session we invite you to enjoy first-hand something new – from creating simple questions and delivering them onscreen to more complex and sophisticated tests and tools. Everyone has something to share and everyone has the opportunity to learn. Help every member of the community learn something new and wonderful about digital assessment.


Theme: Zero to AI Hero, AI Applications Ready to Try

Where: Interactive Zone

We couldn’t host a conference in 2023 without talking about artificial intelligence, and we want you to experience it first-hand so that we can have a fair and balanced debate. For some people, AI is still a mystery; we want to show what it can and cannot do so that we can all contribute to its development in the future. We can’t go back in time, AI is here and this is the place where you can learn how it can be used safely. Help your peers understand the true potential and risks of AI in assessment.


Theme: Revolutionising the Assessment Experience, Exploring Transformative and Innovative Approaches

Where: Interactive Zone

Not all digital assessment innovation is driven by artificial intelligence.. Sometimes the simplest of developments can have the biggest impact. In this session we want to give you a chance to experience other forms of innovation in assessment. From the little tweaks, to whole new approaches to assessment. Showcase the best of digital assessment innovation.


Wildcard Topic (Any topic you feel has value but isn’t covered elsewhere)

Where: Presentation Zone

Everyone brings their own ideas to the conference, and we want to give you a chance to share something new and different. As part of our wild card session, we invite speakers to suggest topics that are not covered elsewhere on the agenda, but are important and can’t be missed. Help us all learn something new and exciting about digital assessment.


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