Call for presentations

2023 Submissions have now closed

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a presentation. Successful presentations and interactive workshop speakers will be notified during the week of the 20th March. Speakers for unsuccessful submissions will be notified during the week of the 10th April.

The themes for the presentations and interactive sessions are as follows:

Presentations session topics (20mins)

  • The Future of Secure Digital Assessment: Best Practices and Emerging Trends (6th June )
  • Digging into Digital Assessment: Exploring Research and Findings (7th June)
  • Fairness in Assessment: Strategies and Best Practices (7th June)
  • Wild Card topic. (6th June )

Interactive sessions topics (30mins)

  • Unlocking Inclusive Assessment: A Hands-On Technology Experience (6th June )
  • Digital Assessment 101: Interactive First Steps to Mastery (6th June )
  • Zero to AI Hero: AI Applications Ready to Try (7th June)
  • Revolutionising the Assessment Experience: Exploring Transformative and Innovative Approaches (7th June)

The interactive sessions will have access to a suite of approximately 25 computers provided by TEAMCo.

Please use the ‘Wild Card’ if you have a topic that you think would interest the delegates that is not covered by the above. The dates provided for the topics should be treated as a guide and may be subject to change. You will be asked to purchase a delegate pass for the conference within ten days of confirmation to be confirmed as part of the programme.

Read more about the themes and the thinking behind them here.

Good luck, and thank you for your interest in speaking at the 2023 Conference. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]