Who Should Attend?

A welcome return

This year we see a welcome return of the e-Assessment Conference and Awards in London, the world’s only event dedicated to e-Assessment.  Here is a great opportunity to reconnect with experts in the e-Assessment industry and to hear some leading-edge talks.  If you are wondering if you should attend, then here’s a few points to bear in mind.

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Tower Hotel London
Matt Wingfield 2021 e-Assessment Conference

Looking at the advances over the last two years

The past two years has seen probably the greatest advance not only in uptake of organisations switching to use some form of online assessments, but a recognition at a national level that both learning and assessment can be enhanced by embracing digital technology.  The opportunities for learning focused on the individual, providing tailored support and adaptive assessments have never been greater.

Meet the people who have made this happen

You will meet the people who have made this happen at the conference. They will bring their experience, knowledge and systems for you to see and touch.  They are systems developers, educationalist, assessment practitioners, consultants who work across many sectors, policy-makers and influencers.  There is no better place than this conference to meet the experts.

Organisations and professionals who will benefit

Whilst not an exclusive list, the following organisations will benefit from attending this year’s conference:

  • Further and Higher Educational Institutions
  • Government / Public Sector Assessment Professionals
  • Examination Organisations
  • Membership Organisations, Trade Associations and Professional Bodies providing qualifications and accreditation
  • Vocational training and assessment organisations
  • Testing and Technology Providers
  • Assessment Professionals wishing to understand the latest applications of Technology Enabled Assessment and AI

An opportunity to get your e-Assessment questions answered,

The 2022 Conference will be a unique opportunity to get your e-Assessment questions answered where you will:

  • Hear case studies from organisations who have implemented e-Assessment
  • Get a detailed understanding of issues organisations have faced when implementing e-Assessment and how to overcome them
  • Get hands on with experience in our interactive demo suite
  • Make sure you are on the right track if you are just starting your e-Assessment journey
  • Talk to industry suppliers so that you can compare e-Assessment solutions
  • Get your questions answered about delivering remote invigilation/ proctoring

And there’s more…

  • Hear from e-Assessment award winners and finalists showcasing innovation and best practice in the industry
  • Understand how technology can be used for complex assessments while ensuring assessment remains reliable, valid and accessible
  • See how the e-Assessment landscape is developing and how innovations such as augmented reality and adaptive comparative judgement are changing what is possible in e-Assessment
  • Find out how to take your e-Assessment to the next level, whether that is implementing across an organisation, at scale or internationally